Friday, August 04, 2006

OraAlertCheck is back! Version 0.1.4

Thanks to Raghu Maddula for the feedback!

OraAlertCheck now is functional in HPUX and Solaris.

New features:
  • oratab file location can be specified in the Config file (in case you don't have root access to modify /etc or you SA is too slow ;) )
  • The tail command needs to support the -n flag. In Solaris the default one did not, so I add a new config parameter to specify a new location (/usr/xpg4/bin/tail for Solaris).
  • The "test" run of the script will not only show if it find the alert.log but also will let you now if that instance won't be checked becouse the startup parameter in oratab is "N".
  • Finally we add the "encountered when generating server alert" message detection (althought I'm not sure if we should print the first ORA- or the server alert error...).
Have fun!